Future Palns

CSED is going to Expand its programs through out Dharmapuri and nearby Districts of Krishnagiri, Hosur, Salem, Namakkal and Erode.
Organizing Self Help Groups in Five Districts. To start with 100 to 1000 SHGs in each District and as per the rule of CSED only 13 members in a group.
Organizing the People for each and every problem arising from the public and take up the issues in rural villages and try to solve them as quickly as possible.
The Animators and the Staff will be given training in such a way that most of the public problem are identified and to be solved in differently.
The Formal Education system should be organized with a new vision of CSED.
Starting a Registered or a Non registered School Half way home Non formal Education School will be started based on the local requirements.
Spoken English. Teaching Music, Dance, Drawing, Orchestra, Music Academy and Fine Arts clubs Jim Clubs will be started.
Games and sports including indoor and out door games will be started in the villages and encouraging them for recreation facilities and organizing a educational and Devotional Tours.
Scholarships for all the students, educational loans and Marriage assistance to poor young ladies are to be encouraged by CSED.
Organizing Women Federation, encouraging women entrepreneurs in starting Income generation activities with Training and financial assistance by CSED.
Cattle Breading such as poultry farm, dairy farm goats and buffelows.
Producation of honey bee keeping industries rabit rearing.
Murhroom cultivation.
Book binding,free computer education printing technology,screen printing.
Producation of natural manure, cookie  garden and plantation,nursery raising jetroba other plants
Herbel farm / mooligai  pannai.
Home for the Aged orphanage for boys and girls .

Contact Us

Contact Person:           Arockiadoss
Address: 1458 CSED, Dharmapuri
Mobile:  +91 9443844500
E-mail: nads_csed@yahoo.co.in