CSED Aim & Objectives

The CSED would like to make all the poor people and downtrodden families especially in the rural and remote villages and even covering all the hill areas in five districts, that is, 1. Krishnagiri 2. Dharmapuri 3. Salem 4. Namakkal and 5. Erode. The CSED would like to bring forth totally one lakh souls through hundred pasters in these five districts of Tamil Nadu.

The CSED society was established in the year 1984 by a dedicated and professionally qualified social workers to uplift the marginalized section of the society especially in the rural villages of Nallampalli Block of Dharrnapuri District of Tamil Nadu irrespective of caste, religion, creed and colour. This is to be done in the following fields in the manner specified:-

To work for the total development for the good of the public;
To start Youth Clubs and Madhar Sangams SHGs in the rural villages through which the awareness can be brought out;
To start NFE centers in the rural villages where there is no such centers are not in existence;
To Medicate through Mobile Medical Unit especially to the interior villages where there is no proper transport facilities;
To establish and/or to run in India Educational Institution and/or to contribute to such existing institutions;
To establish in India Libraries, reading rooms, fellowships Halls and/or contribute such existing institutions;
To secure scholarships from foreign countries for Indian students and to grant scholarships to deserving. intelligent, meritorious, poor and needy students;
To create Health Consciousness among the public at large and for the purpose to establish health centers Institutions etc.,and/or to contribute to such institutions;
To provide assistance to the existing envirorupental projects including social forestry and to improve ecology and sanitary conditions in the backward areas of the country;
To promote and to encourage cultural activities by exchange of scholarships and students from other countries and groups irrespective of race, caste, creed, language, colour, religion, political and social philosophies rich and poor. It is however classified that no Income/permission of the Central Board of Direct Taxes and provide under section 2 of the Income Tax Act 1961;
To purchase or take leased plots, lands or buildings or to receive as gift or donation of land or building or to construct maintain, renovate, repair, take over subsidized buildings for running spiritual centers, Hospitals, student's Hospitals Inns shelter for Destitute, Ashrams, Rest Houses, community kitchen, community Halls, Hall meant for conditioned discourses, debates, lectures etc., for public functions from time to time cost at for a nominal rent for maintenance;
To promote research by establishing research institutes, laboratories fellowship halls Hospitals, tool rooms, work shops for arranging Debates conference of providing financial assistance to students scholars or to institutes etc;
To assist Orphans, physically and mentally challenged, age old persons separated from broken families destitutes and widows and even economically weaker section of the society are included in rehabilitation work;
To provide food clothing and shelter and financial help to the people affected by the natural calamities such as flood, war, riot and road accidents etc;
To promote Indian culture, cultural academy to be started with fine arts clubs, games and sports clubs. Gim centers even Music Orchestra and music academy also will be started everywhere;
To establish (and/or) to distribute literature, magazines, News letters, pamplets for enhancement of general awareness of the public at large;
To accept donations and grants, gifts and presents and other offerings and to deal with same for the purpose of the society;
To obtain financial help from banks and financial institutions and co operative societies and such persons as members of the society may deem fit;
To amalgamate with other charitable institutions running in India or elsewhere in the world with the aim of performing the above said objectives and take over the similar institutions.

Contact Us

Contact Person:           N. Arockiadoss MSW.,
Address:5/219-E / Salem High Road,
Post: Nallampalli (P.o),
Mobile:  +91 9443844500
E-mail: nads_csed@yahoo.co.in